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St Thomas Mission House Project

St. Thomas Mission House Remodel Proposal

UPDATE: The Legacy Moves Forward committee has organized the data given to us by our parishioners through our recent survey and subsequent Mission House meetings. We have met with the architects and gave them what we gathered.

Based on your input, the revised plan calls for the following additions: the elevator will go to the 3rd floor, as will the fire exit stairs at the east end of the building.The third floor will be insulated, and sprinkers will be installed througout.

Other improvments most requested were in the original concept….

     ADA compliant restrooms on the 1st & 2nd floors;

     Dining room large enough to seat 45-60 comfortably, and a kitchen capable of serving as many.

     Reconfigure secretary's office space; 

     Create a multipurpose space that could be configured and reconfigured to show videos, have bible studies or other small groups for up to 40, social activities, game nights, large family consultations.

     Keep at least three bedrooms, including the "Bishop's room" for various uses.

     Update AC/heating, Internet, audio/video, security, etc., throughout.

     Update plumbing, electrical, asbestos abatement.

     The connector must be enclosed and usable for more than just a corridor between the church & mission house

At the committee's request, the architects presented other options for the covered walkway between the church and mission house. After discussuing the pro's and con's of those options, it was decided to go with the original structure. The photo showing the connector between the church and Mission House is the same structure as in the original drawings but shows a more realistic view. 

Revised Budget Estimate

A kick-off date for our fundraising campaign was set for December 2016 and is now in full swing. Jim Faucher of Faucher Fundraising Consulting has been hired to guide our parish through the campaign. We will continue to update our parishioners after the Masses and in the bulletin and on our website. To date, a little over $540K has been raised with over $840K pledged. Many, many thanks to all who have so generously contributed thus far!

This is an exciting time in our parish as we update the Mission House to meet the needs of our growing community. We ask for your continued prayers as we move forward on this journey together.